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Welcome to Atoyan Law. Our firm is committed to providing legal services relating to personal injury and immigration-related matters.


Atoyan Law legal consulting firm was established in 2014 by Angela Atoyan who is a Loyola Law School qualified attorney.She has also acquired an official attorney license from the State Bar of California, which helps her stand out with her knowledge and experience in the legal field. 


We represent families, students, athletes, asylum seekers, employees and investors seeking permanent residence in the United States. As an immigrant to the US myself, Angela fully understand the dire need to have a strong-willed lawyer in your corner, someone to represent and fight for you or your family members.We are dedicated to being that person.


Were you injured in an accident and want to file a personal injury lawsuit? Trust Atoyan Law, so you’re not left with massive medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. We’re here to be your voice and to fight for what’s rightfully yours.


Atoyan Law is committed to being an all-inclusive law firm. What do we mean by that? California is a beautiful melting pot of people from various backgrounds, countries, and nationalities. We speak English, Spanish, Armenian, and Russian here. We’ve witnessed enough first-hand discrimination; our firm is a safe space for all.


Do you have an immigration matter or want to start a personal injury claim? Don’t wait. Contact us today for your case evaluation.

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