Our experienced criminal defense lawyers provide aggressive defense for anyone accused of state or federal crimes.

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Aggressive Defense

Atoyan Law offers aggressive representation for clients facing any type of criminal charge. Our legal team has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and is committed to defend your rights in court. By listening to you and understanding your legal goals, we develop a litigation plan that provides the best possible defense.

Our criminal defense cover a wide range of cases, including but not limited to:

  • Traffic Matters
  • DWI Cases
  • Criminal Defense
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Obstruction / Tampering
  • Finance / White-Collar Cases
  • Precharge

When working with a California criminal defense attorney, it’s critical that you work with a legal team who will aggressively defend you against the charges you’re facing and isn’t afraid to take your case to trial. The greatest criminal defense lawyers are also skilled enough to know when to negotiate a plea and when to proceed with a trial, and how to keep you out of jail. Our criminal defense lawyers at Atoyan Law will provide you with essential legal advice, protect your rights, and vigorously defend you in the courtroom.

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At Atoyan Law, our California criminal defense attorneys aggressively defend your rights and work to achieve the best possible outcomes. Contact us right away to start building your defense.

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